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Thinking Outside the Box Leads Couple to Their Volcano Dream Home

When it comes to finding the right Hawaii home – your dream home – well, sometimes you have to think outside the box. In my last blog post I wrote about a couple who knew exactly what they wanted and were willing to wait for the right property to come along. And yet sometimes it pays not to remain fixated on a particular neighborhood or property when house hunting.

Such was the case with clients who recently purchased a property in Volcano. Newly retired to the Big Island, they are absolutely thrilled with their new construction home. Love the community. Love the neighborhood. Love the weather in Volcano. Yet when they first approached me to find a Big Island home, they didn’t ask to see properties in Volcano. Had never even considered living in Volcano. No, they were dead set on living in Hawaiian Paradise Park (HPP) in Keaau, some 30 miles away.

We spent a great deal of time looking at properties in HPP. In fact, I worked with my clients for nearly a year. They found a house they absolutely adored, but as they spent more time in the neighborhood, they came to realize that the climate didn’t suit them.

1.28.15-279935-volcanoA couple was able to build a custom home in Volcano….photos are of another house by same builder.

With in-depth knowledge of the neighborhoods in both upper and lower Puna, (that comes from decades of experience selling real estate in the region) I suggested they check out the Volcano Golf and Country Club subdivision.

My clients just fell in love with the area. They prefer the weather in Volcano with its sunny days and cool nights. Due to local weather patterns the Volcano Golf Course community tends to be drier than Volcano Village proper. They like that Volcano is an artist community with several art galleries and frequent cultural events. And they like being able to visit the local farmers’ market held every weekend in Volcano Village.

The issue was that they loved a newly built house they had seen in HPP, but wanted to live in Volcano.

By thinking out of the box, I was able to find them a 16,000-square-foot lot within the Volcano Golf Course community upon which they built a 2,000 square-foot house. I also put them in touch with the builder of the home they had liked so much in HPP. He built nearly the exact same home, customizing it to my clients’ specific wants and needs. In the end, they got the house of their dreams in a neighborhood they adore.

1.28.15-mls-279935-volcanoAnother home built by the same builder

What’s more, they were able to rent a nearby home within the Volcano Golf Course subdivision while their new home was under construction, thereby getting to know their neighbors and participate in community events months before they officially moved into their home.

Every homebuyer’s situation is different. Sometimes it pays to remain focused on a specific type of property or location and sometimes it pays to broaden your horizons and think outside the box. That’s why it’s so important to work with a professional real estate agent; they can help you find the right home in your preferred neighborhood within your budget.

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