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Majestic Koa Forest For Sale on Hawaii Island

Nestled on the slopes of Mauna Kea volcano, along the spectacular Hamakua Coast of Hawai‘i Island, lies a majestic virgin old-growth Koa forest. It’s the third largest privately-owned Koa cloud forest on the planet and it could be yours.

Encompassing nearly five square miles and more than 3,137 acres, this impressive property is a wonderland of untouched beauty featuring marvelous waterfalls, native Hawaiian plants and animals, and dazzling views of the Pacific Ocean and Mauna Kea. You can check out the property’s website here.

Ohana Sanctuary virtual tour

Property Features

Named Ohana Sanctuary, it features more than 50,000 trees, including Koa (Acacia Grey), Ohia, Mamane, Hapu’u, and more.

ohana-sanctuary-hakalau-stream_s3-600x168The third largest old-growth Koa forest in the world, this magnificent property is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Located along the Hamakua Coast, Ohana Sanctuary is only 20 minutes from Hilo, the second largest city in Hawaii. In addition to its many dining and shopping opportunities, Hilo is a major transportation hub on island, home to the largest port in East Hawaii and an international airport.

And yet, for its ease of access, to wander through these impressive woods is to be transported into another Hawaii.

Unlike vast tracks of land along the Hamakua Coast, this land was never used for sugar cane production. According to local historians, this land wasn’t mapped in the nineteenth century because it was considered too remote for sugar plantation use. Thus, it remained a wild untouched forest for centuries, growing in splendor and beauty.

What’s more, because the land was never used for sugar cane production, the trees and soil were never touched by chemicals or pesticides, maintaining a pristine environment.

A primordial paradise, cascading waterfalls dot the landscape, including Sanctuary Falls and Haiku Falls, both named by the current owner. The Koa forest includes many other unnamed waterfalls, each beautiful and mesmerizing, that flow to the azure Pacific Ocean below.

This is truly virgin land. Unexplored forests with hidden marvels of beauty. The scenery is simply breathtaking. Here the wind whispers through the canopy of ancient old-growth Koa trees. The melodious sounds of native Hawaiian birds fill the air.

It cannot be emphasized enough how rare it is for a property of this magnitude to be on the market.

ohana-sanctuary-Chin-chuk-Rd-intersection-600x168In previous decades, vast tracts of property in this area was owned by World Union Industrial Corporation Limited, a Hong Kong-based firm. In 1994, after many years of negotiations, World Union sold more than 15,715 acres that borders the northern boundary of Ohana Sanctuary to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for designation as part of the Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge.

Why is the Property Being Sold & What is Included?

The current owners, Ohana Sanctuary LLC, are selling the property because they want to pursue other projects. Ohana Sanctuary is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a family trust, which is a holding company for natural resource investments that include: timber, real estate, and other related facilities.

The holding company has practiced sustainable forestry for generations, long before the term ‘sustainable’ was ever in use. Their deepest desire is that the new owners implement a forestry plan that keeps this pristine Koa cloud forest healthy and thriving into the future while creating jobs for the local community.

There is an easement of record and the current owners are willing to allow for the costs of pinning and a reasonable amount for survey to be deducted from closing costs.

ohana-sanctuary-hakalau-stream_s1-600x168Hydroelectricity is another innovative energy program that can be explored. Hydroelectric power is being successfully utilized at nearby farms, and with the number of waterfalls on this property, there may be ample opportunity to develop hydroelectric power to suit your needs.

Those interested in preserving the forest for future generations can also avail themselves to tax breaks and exciting new carbon offset programs geared toward property owners that preserve all, or a portion, of their forested property. Hawaiian Islands Land Trust has expressed interest in working with any new potential owners in fully utilizing the carbon offset program.

The property is particularly valuable for its ancient old-growth Koa, a rare commodity in today’s world. With its stunning grains and deep rich colors, Koa is one of the most prized hardwoods in the world. In Hawaiian, Koa means brave, bold, and fearless. Found only in Hawaii, the acclaimed hardwood has been revered by royalty, cherished by musicians, and prized by master craftsman for centuries. There is high demand for this revered wood and for many years, demand has outweighed supply.

Additional Information

In every sense of the word, Ohana Sanctuary is a rare and precious gem. If you would like to learn more about this magnificent property, contact me.

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